Our group achieved another significant milestone by entering into the Retail industry through the inauguration of the first branch of a chain of boutique butcheries; MeatNMore in 2016. Unique and first of its kind in the region, MeatNMore is your neighborhood fresh and frozen delicatessen store, aiming to provide end consumers with specially chosen high quality and custom catered meat products. Prioritizing on friendly, dedicated service coupled with the freshest handpicked cuts of meat, our stores are for connoisseurs of meat who can enjoy the exclusivity of browsing through the various cuts of meat themselves or relax and have the very best of our selections delivered right to their door.
MEATNMORE and its team of highly trained artisans endeavor to provide a personal experience or our customers. Our butchers give expert advice regarding the best cuts and marination on our daily selections, making the buying of meat a warm and distinctive encounter. By the end of the year 2017 MeatNMore is proud to have 3 state of the art, ISO and HACCP certified branches already operational, with several more to become functional in the coming years as part of the group’s retail sector growth and progression plan.

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